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Sodomy is a practice that all couples love and it’s also a trend on the net. Here, we talk about this practice of anal sex in this text.

Sodomy, an intense practice

Men love sodomy, because it’s fun and it’s a bit beyond the bounds of respect for a human being. This is a practice that homos do when they mate, but it is also a practice that offers us other more fascinating feelings when we make love. Anal sex has long been taboo in sexuality. Although mentalities have evolved and sodomy still raises many questions and concerns, including fear of pain. Yes, practicing sodomy hurts. There are rules to follow, so that both partners can find their pleasure. We will not spread the subject, but we will just appreciate the instructions on this cam xxx and how to manipulate the anal plug.

Anal sex for more orgasm

It’s not just men who feel pleasure playing with the asshole. In fact, yes, the canal of the anus is waved, so the man’s penis is a little tight inside. But the anus rubs against the vascular nerve of the vagina, hence a rapid provocation of vaginal orgasm. So, yes, anal sex hurts, but it feels good also if we made it by love. In this practice, the woman must get a shit and wash well her ass to avoid the bad smell of poo. The first time requires a simulation with the finger, then the lubricant and then the anal plug, and the man must put a condom for it. It is necessary that the couple have confidence to do anal sex because when it hurts, we stop and it will be for next time.

Know that anal sex is not a dirty practice, and you can find thirty positions of anal sex that may well offer you a good sexual appetite again.

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